AT-Collections has started in the year 2014 with the production of highly detailed diecast agricultural scale models.
From 2015 we started our resin hand painted diorama figures and accessories in the scale 1:32
Highly, Detailed, Precision, Diecast ,those 4 words are exactly what AT-Collections stands for.

AT-Collections range:

  • Diecast scale models.
  • Resin Diorama figures.
  • Showcases for the earthmoving equipment and agricultural implements.
  • PVC Animals and figures.

The idea behind our products is to get an authentic look and functions (moving parts) with an high level of quality. In 2017 we started the earthmoving projects with Volvo CE (construction equipment) in the scale 1:32.
Usually earthmoving equipment is made in scale 1:50 and AT-Collections started with the 1:32 scale because of the high demand of earthmoving scale models in the agricultural scale model market.

Our Volvo Series are now available all over the world and we are adding more models to our assortment each year.
Because of the 1:32 scale it’s a much bigger size  than 1:50,  we can add more details on our models like licensed tire brands as Michelin, Mitas, Nokian all those details are put in the models to get an authentic look.
And because of the 1:32 scale we can create authentic quick couplers for the attachments for these models like: bucket sets, tilt rotators, demolition tools, fork frames, hoisting frames.

AT-Collections is producing in China with specific factories, each factory with their own expertise where we pay several visits to maintain the quality.

OEM companies can contact us for information if there is interest to create similar projects.

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